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Charters don't work

Charters don't work. Before you object, I acknowledge you can find occasional examples of success, but the vast majority do not help our students. Dismantling our public education system to fund private institutions, that aren't accountable to the taxpayer, is irresponsible and anathema to all good sense.

The argument for privatizing education is that charter schools can teach kids more effectively for less money. If we don't have good measures for success, or charter schools don't provide information and transparency how do we know that is true? To date what little measuring we do has demonstrated less effectiveness and wasting of taxpayer dollars. So, shouldn't we stop supporting charter schools?

If something doesn't work, and people keep pushing it, what is the motivation? Would we accept failure from other entities funded by our government?

The goals of a private for-profit business are not in alignment with those of an educational system. Yes, a business will try to make things less expensive but the goal is to increase margin and maximize profit. These cost reductions do not always make it to the end consumer (taxpayer) but rather go to investors.

Children are not interchangeable products. They are individuals that require different things. There is a component of skill to being a teacher and the goal of our schools should not be mass produced, one size fits all education. That is what business is going to try to produce in the name of efficiency.

There are things our schools can learn from business, but let's not forget that they are not companies. They are institutions whose goals are to produce citizens that can earn a living, understand the world and participate in our democracy. Charters have been proven to not succeed in that capacity, and it's time to stop the pretending they are.

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