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Eliminate the Department of Education?

The House of Representatives have submitted more than one bill to eliminate the Department of Education.  It should be no surprise that the current administration is against support of public schools.  HR1510 and HR899 are specifically aimed at eliminating the department.  HR610 wants to force school vouchers everywhere and eliminate nutrition standards for school meals.  S185 is aimed at restructuring and endangering the Head Start program for early childhood learning.

This is a misguided effort to push funding down to the state level.  There are numerous challenges with this redistribution of responsibility.  Part of the rationale for moving this to the federal government was to ensure that all of the nation's children had access to quality education, not just those from richer states.  It was also aimed at consistent education standards across this nation.  There is plenty of room for improvement with the current system but dismantling public education without a viable alternative is short sighted at best.

The net result is going to be the existing federal taxes will remain in place and state & local taxes will need to increase to make up for the shortfall.  This will not be popular and could result in levy's for school funding failing.  All of this is bad for public education.

We need to ensure that we have strong public schools moving forward and must accept that there will be increasing challenges to making this a reality.  We are a great nation with a strong economy because we have an outstanding public education system.  Working together to address the coming funding constraints while maintaining and improving our current public school system is critical moving forward.  

David is committed to bringing a new way of thinking to the board to work with the entire district to face the challenges ahead.

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