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Green Party Endorsement

I am happy to announce that I have been honored with the endorsement of the Hamilton County Green Party. At the start of my campaign, I stated that I was not running with any particular party or necessarily seeking to run with one. When I was approached about this endorsement, we had a discussion about this statement and my stance on the issue. My intention has always been to be as free as possible from influence that would impact how I make decisions. After talking with Green Party representatives, it became clear that our positions are in alignment, and there will not be a conflict in this regard. I am still running as an independent with the endorsement of the party.

Both the Hamilton County Green Party and I agree that there is a need to provide quality education for all of our students, with more transparency and collaboration from the Board of Education. The party has been very vocal about the need to address the increase in bullying in our schools, which is also one of my priorities. In addition, we are aligned in the belief that our students need to feel safe in schools for their mental well-being and to keep their focus on learning.

I gratefully accept the endorsement of the Hamilton County Green Party, and with your vote, I hope to do all that I can to improve our schools and our students' education as your next member of the Board of Education.

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