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Healthcare and Education

We hear a lot about the new healthcare bill(s) being proposed and many of us are outraged. But you may ask, how does this relate to education? Why is a school board candidate talking about this? All of our federal and state funding are interconnected in ways that aren’t always immediately obvious.

There are many services provided by our schools to children that need assistance. The schools are legally required to provide many of these services. It could be accommodations for children with special needs, it could be mental and social health services. There are a number of support systems needed to make sure all of our children get the best opportunity to learn.

Federal and local healthcare subsidies pay for, or reimburse, the district for some of these services. Without those subsidies the services is still legally required and the money needs to come from somewhere. That “somewhere" is partially from classroom support. By gutting medicare, medicaid and other programs we are impacting EVERY student in our district.

Regardless of how you feel about the ACA (Obamacare) or the AHCA (Trumpcare), I urge you to call your representatives at both the state and federal level and let them know that you support healthcare services that are provided by our schools. Without continued funding we will negatively impact our children.

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