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How am I unique in this race?

How am I unique in this race? There are other parents that are candidates. I am unique in that I currently have children in multiple schools within the district, have 10 years of experience with CPS as a parent and will be in our district for more than a decade to come.

I believe that it is critically important that there is a parent on the board that understands the challenges that faces parents, students and families every day. Between school, homework, extra curricular activities, busing, carpooling, lunches, etc there are a lot of commitments and changing any of them can easily throw a routine into chaos.

When looking to any elected official, I want to make sure that they live with the ramifications of policy they enact for all of families of the district. Ensuring that your school board contains members that live with the impacts of policy changes means that changes take the needs of families into account.

As you think about your candidates when you go to the polls, ask yourself, do you want someone that understands the parents perspective and will be impacted by policy, or do you want someone that makes policy that impacts everyone but them? Let’s keep a parent’s perspective on the board.

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