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How I'm funding my campaign

We all know that money is a force in politics. Unfortunately, it costs a fair bit of money to get out your message.  When I started researching what candidates in prior elections spent, the amount of money spent on a School Board election is surprising, especially since it is effectively an unpaid position.  Elections being money driven should not be the case and especially with something as important as our children's future. 

I am not running as a member of a political party. I am not backed by PAC money. My goal from the outset has to fund personally and through the donations of friends, family and community members; I will be upfront with the voters about where my contributions come from.  Campaign contributions are a matter of public record. I encourage every voter to understand where money comes from in this and prior elections. This helps you understand everyone's biases and who they will help. 

My reason for running is the future of my 4 children attending Cincinnati Public Schools and all of the other current & future students. I believe in public schools and CPS. Together we can make sure that our schools are the best they can be for all children in all of our schools.  

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